Our Mission

VINO DISCO x Restaurants Care

We began our journey in the restaurant industry at just fifteen, serving tables and learning the ropes. The industry provided us a home away from home and a path to independence. The restaurant industry is like the wild west of jobs, uniting people from all walks of life for a common purpose. The chaos and camaraderie of the restaurant environment turn strangers into family. Unlike the typical 9-5, there are no safety nets here, which is why discovering Restaurant Care was such a game-changer. Industry workers often struggle to access affordable insurance, and the unpredictable nature of the job makes it hard to build a financial cushion for life's uncertainties. Our mission is to give back to the industry that laid our foundation and gave us our start.

We are proud to partner with Restaurants Care to help provide direct relief to restaurant workers in crisis. Restaurants Care is a vital relief fund supporting food and beverage workers across California. Since 2017, Restaurants Care has honored the dignity of those they serve by directly delivering cash grants of up to $2,500 directly to individuals in crisis.

Our Story

We are just two kids who found instant friendship in sunny Oceanside, CA, at the age of 7. Moving to San Francisco for college to study business and child development, we found ourselves working in restaurants and bars, traveling the world, and falling in love with wine. After spending years in the wine industry, meeting winemakers in our local region, and seeing the amount of waste in production and consumption, we thought there had to be another way.

Inspired by the Northern California terroir we were determined to snag and bag some delightful, complex, and approachable wines. Through our relationships with winemakers that utilize eco-friendly and responsible farming practices, we are able to sustainably box some damn good wine all while reducing waste in the industry.

We created Vino Disco to make premium wine portable and convenient. To take to the park, beach, or our friend's dinner party. Small enough to have a resident shelf in our fridges, to pour a half glass on a Wednesday night. Vino Disco is for sippers and swiggers alike. We hope it puts a boogie in your step.