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Boxed is Better

One box of Vino Disco equals two bottles of wine

Our compact boxes are surprisingly smaller than a 6 pack of beer (and fully recyclable)!

Our wine lasts up to 8 weeks after opening

You no longer have to commit to a whole bottle! Say goodbye to pouring unfinished wine down the drain.

High-quality, premium, and delicious wines

Our relationships with esteemed wineries in California enable us to source the best wine in the region.

Vino Disco cares about more than just wine.

We believe in giving back

Having worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade, we witnessed pitfalls in the safety net for the amazing people that serve food, wine, and drinks to our community. To help support folks in this industry, we donate $1 of every box sold to restaurant workers in need.

We chose the most sustainable option

Vino Disco's sustainable boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which is crafted from recycled content and post-consumer material. Our boxes also have a 3x higher recycling rate than that of glass bottles.

We make wine last longer

Bottled wine typically only lasts 3-5 days once opened. Thankfully, our boxed wine lasts up to 8 weeks once opened. That means no more tossing wine down the drain or feeling that you have to drink more than you'd like.

We reduce carbon emissions

Boxes are A LOT lighter than glass. By opting for bag-in-box packaging, our wine ships lighter than bottles releasing half the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Its a no brainer...

We minimize grape and resource waste

We partner with renowned California wine growers who often find themselves with a surplus of wine after each harvest. By snagging and bagging this wine, we avoid seeing time, labor, and resources go down the drain while scoring the best new wines from our local region.

Damn GOOD wine