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Boxed is Better

One box of Vino Disco equals two bottles of wine

Our boxes are surprisingly smaller than a 6 pack of beer (and fully recyclable)!

Our wine lasts up to 6 weeks after opening

You no longer have to commit to a whole bottle! Say goodbye to pouring unfinished wine down the drain.

High-quality, premium, and delicious wines

Our relationships with esteemed wineries in California enable us to source the best wine in the region.

How is Vino Disco sustainable?

Reduces Wine Waste at home

Boxed wine lasts up to 6 weeks once opened (that's 7x longer than the clunky glass bottle). With Vino Disco you can pop the tap for just one cheeky glass without wasting a single drop of wine. Say goodbye to dumping bottles and money down the drain.

Decreases grape and resource waste

We partner with renowned California wine growers who often find themselves with a surplus of wine after each harvest, which would otherwise be overlooked or go to waste. By snagging and bagging this wine, we avoid seeing time, labor, and resources go down the drain while scoring the best new wines from our local region.

Utilizes Sustainable Packaging

Vino Disco's sustainable boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which is crafted from recycled content and post-consumer material. Our boxes also have a 3x higher recycling rate than that of glass bottles. And to make it an even sweeter deal, cardboard produces fewer CO2 emissions and has lower water and energy consumption in production than glass bottles.

Damn GOOD wine