Our goal is to fight wine waste one box at a time and heres how...

It starts at the vineyard ...

While hunting for the finest wines of Northern California, we cultivated relationships with premium winemakers who let us in on an industry secret. Each harvest in California is abundant and sometimes too abundant, yielding more grapes and wine than makers can bottle.

This not only leads to a potential waste of wine, but also the natural resources, time, and labor that goes into growing grapes. These relationships enable us to package premium, sustainably produced wines in an accessible price range, aligning with our goal of making high-quality wines more approachable.

And ends in your glass.

As wine drinkers, we battled the moral quandary of buying a nice bottle of wine, only having one glass, then chucking it down the drain a few days later when it turned bad. Fortunately, this is now a dilemma of the past!

Our solution lies in opting for bag-in-box packaging, thanks to its innovative tap technology. This vessel is the optimal choice for preserving our wines' longevity, quality, and taste. With the ability to last up to eight weeks and containing the equivalent of two bottles, it substantially minimizes wine waste, providing consumers with ample time to savor every drop, sip, or gulp!

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How is Vino Disco Sustainable?


Unfortunately, only about 30% of glass bottles are recycled, resulting in over 7 million tons ending up in landfills annually. Vino Disco's sustainable boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, crafted from recycled content and post-consumer material. Our boxes also boast a recycling rate 3 times higher than that of glass bottles. This means you can have peace of mind when tossing your finished box into the recycling bin!

Carbon Emissions

Did you know that glass bottles account for 29% of the total carbon footprint in the retail wine industry? Corrugated boxes contribute 6%. Our boxes are 30% lighter, ship in smaller packages, and require less energy to produce, releasing fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Water and Energy Consumption

Not-so-fun fact: Glass bottles require a ton of heat, energy, and natural resources to make. They also melt raw materials, releasing gas pollutants into the atmosphere. Vino Disco's corrugated cardboard boxes use fewer raw materials to create than glass bottles and have lower water and energy consumption in production compared to glass bottles.